We just love animals, and no animal is too scary, too leggy, or too creepy crawly. So from fish to lizards, tarantulas to stick insects, from birds and bunnies to hounds. We cater for the lot! 


We use environmentally friendly products for our pets, from biodegradable litter, to wooden toys, and even biodegradeable doggie poop bags.

The environment is very important to us, and is a central part of our daily routines.

We avoid single use plastics, seeking out plastic alternatives.

Home Visits

£7.00 Per Visit - Home Visit frequency is totally up to you. We will arrange a free visit to your home to discuss routines, expectations, and of course to meet your pets. Each visit lasts a minimum of 20 mins, and we firmly believe in spending quality time with your pet. We can also open and close curtains, turn lights on and off, give a general impression that the house is occupied. We can also water your plants. The visit cost covers ALL your pets.


  £5 Per Night - Birds and Small Animals (Rabbits, Rats, Guinea Pigs, etc..) Per Enclosure

(2 rabbits in one pen, will be classed as one pet)

£3 Per Night - Reptiles and Invertebrates

Overnight Stays

£25 Per Night - Laura will move in to your home for an overnight stay. Particulary useful for new puppies. Laura is fully insured and DBS checked.


£4 - Claw clipping available for small mammals

Dog Sitting & Dog Walking

£8.00 Per Hour - Some pets suffer from separation anxiety, so it can be useful to have someone sit in for you whne you need to be elsewhere. Walks will be in areas local to your home, limited availability. 

Green Paws and Claws 

Pet Services
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